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UNIV 201: Global Challenges I

UNIV 201 content

UNIV 201: Critical Reflection #2

Dr. Cross, the director of the College of Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation and creator of UNIV 201 made a remark at the beginning of the semester that has been myelinating in my mind without end: Food is the “common denominator… Continue Reading →

UNIV 201: Flex Assignment

UNIV 201: Flex Assignment Nine-Billion By Twenty Fifty January sixth, a workshop with a new theme: One in seven lack food security Sustainability, I question heavily, with nine billion by twenty-fifty. Where does the future rest? What strategy can we… Continue Reading →

UNIV 201: Critical Reflection #1

Critical Reflective Statement #1 The town is Nosovka, a small domain of approximately 20 000. It is primitive by collection (as most regions in developing countries) but slowly undergoing westernization: There are cable networks, digital advertisements (in English!), and iPhones… Continue Reading →

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