As our semester came to a close, I thought to myself, “What is the most important lesson I learned from Global Challenges II?” Was it that team work is essential to success, that we need to educate students on food insecurity, or that an idea can often spark a movement?

While all of those are important, the biggest lesson I learned was the one of “self-actualization.”

Google’s definition of self-actualization

You see, while it is colloquial to say “anything is possible,” it is in no way naive to take action and achieve one’s goals. Remember, we are the inaugural cohort for Global Challenges II, which means that everything is novel–undetermined–which means that nothing is impossible.

The same principles of novelty and possibility can be applied on an individual level. Those who discover their skills and are driven to succeed often view their identities as unique and their potential as limitless. This is how I feel when I think about indoor farming–not because I think it’s the innovation of the millennium, but because I feel I have the power to feed the world through this medium (and perhaps others I have yet to discover).