Last year, Gillian Edwards, Manager of Institutional Communications at the University of Calgary, offered me the opportunity to reflect on my experience at the First Annual Global Challenges Dinner and the UNIV 201 course in general in a Q&A article. Soon after it was published, I had the opportunity to share what the course was about to friends who were interested.

This year, I’ve been given another opportunity to share my thoughts, to reach out to the university–my local community–and reflect on my journey from UNIV 201 to UNIV 203 in a new article. After doing my own research and interviews, I learned the value of collaboration and now have a deeper appreciation for what Gillian is doing. Without the mentorship of Wayne and Carolyn Lohr, Dr. Tang Lee, and all the experts along our journey, my group and I may still be stuck reinventing the wheel. As such, I hope my words find impact on eyes and ears at the university and show the value of collaboration to those interested in solving global challenges.