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April 2018

Action Plan: Moving Forward In Spacetime

As the Gates to Mordor are opened (a.k.a. exam break begins), Megan Koevoet’s words echo on my mind: “It doesn’t feel like we’re done, it feels like we’ve just started.” At the beginning of the semester, I asked if vertical… Continue Reading →

UP ABOVE: The Grand Finale

After 12 weeks of professional community engagement and enlightening research, we have delivered a polished gem to the world. UP ABOVE: No Soil, No Worries

The Lessons Of Life

As our semester came to a close, I thought to myself, “What is the most important lesson I learned from Global Challenges II?” Was it that team work is essential to success, that we need to educate students on food… Continue Reading →

Critical Reflection #2

Memories of Tomorrow: An Open Letter to Myself Ivan Savytskyy, I believe food insecurity will continue to prevail unless each community makes the right decisions to tackle the challenge locally. In addition, precision agriculture will the primary form of food… Continue Reading →

UToday Article

Last year, Gillian Edwards, Manager of Institutional Communications at the University of Calgary, offered me the opportunity to reflect on my experience at the First Annual Global Challenges Dinner and the UNIV 201 course in general in a Q&A article. Soon… Continue Reading →

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