It’s impressive how much knowledge one person can accumulate in a lifetime, and even more impressive when he or she sources that knowledge during a conversation. Dr. Tang Lee is one of those people. His expertise in architecture, sustainability design, aquaculture, solar energy, greenhouses, and biological science is not only exceptional, but also accessible. During our interview, he navigated through the pros and cons of indoor farming and sustainability in a very streamlined fashion, which made it easy to follow along.

In tune with Wayne and Carolyn Lohr, Dr. Lee addressed the need for farming literacy, or a “connection to nature,” so when critiquing our idea of fully-automated VF, he raised the concern that we’reĀ “missing that [connection] if [we]’re automated” and believed people should prioritize gardening a little more. His insights gave us much to discuss, and he even encouraged us to update him at the end of the semester on how our project has developed.

Looking forward to speaking with Dr. Lee in April!

Check out the interview below for some and scholarly architectural wizardry: