We went on a road trip to Lohr-a-Lee Greenhouses and Indoor Gardens to visit Wayne and Carolyn Lohr, two veterans in the field of indoor farming.


Thanks to the guidance of Ola and AnneMarie, we were able to structure an interview which addressed major points in our project:

  1. Introduction: Who is Wayne Lohr, and what is Lohr-a-Lee?
    • Computer science background
    • Farming background
    • History of residency
  2. Why did indoor/vertical gardening interest you and where did you learn about it?
    • What resources did you use to get started?
    • Have you found success?
    • How has your understanding changed over time?
  3. Why is it important to focus on growing local?
    • Is there interest from your community?
    • Could you expand more on your “NO WASTE” policy?
      • 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted annually (FAO)
      • No use of pesticides
  4. What were the greatest challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?
    • Startup costs, monthly yield, water usage
    • We heard using LEDs is the biggest obstacle. What is your take on this?
    • If you were to give your younger self advice on this project, what would you say?
    • What is the selling point for VF?
  5. Technical topics: monthly yield, water usage, automation, mechanical and software design, pesticide, no waste, startup investors
    • What programs are you using and was this shipped to you or did you develop it yourself?
  6. What prevents this innovation from being global?
    • With Silicon Valley in mind, what kind of ROI can you offer startup investors?
    • What do you think of VF in space?
    • Have you contacted other members of your community who are working on similar projects?
    • Could you team up with the education industry, or energy industry?
    • With unlimited funding, how would you expand this idea?
  7. How would you raise awareness about VF and growing local?
  8. Questions on your end!

A full transcript and video link will be available shortly.