Farmbot: Open source backyard robot for a fully automated garden

And why not?

After investing a few moments into some early-afternoon philosophical reflection, I’ve realized that “computer programming” and “problem-solving” are not separate entities; in our time, they are truly the same thing. Just look at the keys under your digits (fingers, for all the simple folks). Our species had a problem: needing a more efficient method of communication. The solution was designed as a series of numerical programs built to work off the properties of electromagnetism and integrated into our daily routines. Now we’ve got tablets, satellites, MRI scanners, VR, remote car-starters, LinkedIn, and everything in between, all designed for seamless communication. Personally, I like the problem “how to grow food in space” because you can bet that any innovation developed by whoever is working on it is going to be some combination of software and mechanical engineering–similar to this guy and his Raspberry Pi plus a 3D printer ( He’s made some minor movements in terms of farming technology, but on a futuristic scale he’s brought humans one small step closer to passing the Karman Line of space colonization.